Khamis, 21 Ogos 2008

Alumni MRSM Lenggong...

-di ulang papar dari Friendster Group MRSM Lenggong-


We are in the process of forming our school's alumni.

In order, we need to have 50 peoples who have finished their studies to fill in the form.Anyone who is still studying in any institution cannot sign for ansaral yet.But, you can sign for ansara.A fee of rm20 per person is needed to register for ansara.

Everyone who graduate's from MRSM is an ansara, but you need to register to be a member.<--correct me if i'm wrong.
Ansaral which stands for anak sains mara lenggong is our school's alumni.Ansaral was proposed by sir azha...korang ade name lain lagik best ka? give ur ideas..sementara belom register ni

So now, we would like to know whether we have enough 50 people for this. We need your feedback asap. If possible, we'd like to register latest by January 09.Post your reply here for headcount...

View for our school's database.

Very Happy

And btw, who is the current BWP president now? Can you please PM me?

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