Isnin, 12 Mei 2008

Si Setan Merah Juara Lagi!!!

Manchester United ditabal sebagai juara Liga Perdana Inggeris buat kali ke 17 dalam sejarah pertandingan itu. Manchester United mengatasi Chelsea di tempat kedua dengan perbezaan dua mata. Tahniah buat Manchester United terutama sekali semua penyokong Si Setan Merah di Malaysia. Mari kita ganyang Chelsea di Moscow pula!!!

2 ulasan:

Tanpa Nama berkata...

why do you have the gut to refer to MU as s.... Merah? What's wrong with red? it's just a colour. Unless you know something more about the people who wears the colour? Do you know them? Or, do you know really 'more' about them that you have to call them using a term that is really ... Please have some respect towards others (or .. self-respect). Other people might be wrong most of the time, however, sometimes 'you' can be wrong too.

r_feev berkata...

to tanpa nama.. setan merah is referring to their nickname for the team - the red devils.. that's all.. a direct translation.. same like the movie ali setan..'s not that i'm saying there are syaitan.. it's the same for other EPL teams.. chelsea aka the blues, arsenal aka the gunners, liverpool aka the reds and etc.. sorry if i offended you.. but frankly i'm a die hard fan of manchester united for almost 13 years.. the manchester united emblem has a devil symbol in the middle of the crest.. that is why man utd also known as the red devils.. they are 'devils' because they played daredevil-ly on the pitch and keep winning titles.. glory..glory united...=)