Rabu, 26 November 2008

Arak di Shah Alam..

Walaupun saya menyokong kepada kebebasan individu dan pasaran bebas, namun dalam usaha mengekang gejala sosial di kalangan anak muda Islam, mahupun agama lain yang mengharamkan pengikutnya untuk meminum arak, maka menjadi pilihan saya untuk bersetuju dengan cadangan yang dikemukan oleh MBSA untuk menghadkan lesen penjualan arak di Shah Alam. Tujuan usaha ini tidak lebih sebagai menghalang penjualan arak kepada orang Islam sahaja. Namun selain itu juga, sebagai peniaga, mereka sendiri boleh mengambil inisiatif untuk tidak menjual arak kepada mereka yang beragama Islam.

Apabila isu ini di'hangatkan' oleh suratkhabar Cina, maka menjadi tanggungjawab kita untuk menerangkan kepada mereka bahawa perkara ini hanyalah untuk mereka yang beragama Islam dan mereka yang bukan beragama Islam masih bebas membelinya tanpa sebarang halangan. Isu ini semoleknya diserahkan kepada komuniti setempat untuk menentukan apa yang mereka mahukan di dalam komuniti mereka. Melalui cara ini, pelaksanaan yang berkesan dan demokratik dapat diaplikasikan. Saya berharap isu ini tidak akan terus disensasikan kerana sekian ini saya melihat masyarakat kita sudah mula hilang fokus terhadap isu-isu yang lebih menekan seperti rasuah, salahguna kuasa, kemelesetan ekonomi dan banyak lagi.

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Abu Marwan berkata...

enakmen syariah dah ada di selangor, kita perkukuhkan perlaksanaannya.
termasuk enakmen judi dan aktiviti maksiat.semua dah ada, kita perkukuhkan.
disamping memberi penjelasan kepada masyarakat umum bahaya arak dll

afif berkata...

Salam Abu Marwan,

Saya setuju dengan ada. Pelaksanaan yang berkesan bergantung pada penguatkuasaan undang-undang. Tidak ada sesiapa yang lebih tinggi dari undang-undang..=)

Usman and Ihsan berkata...

hey afif

forgot how good u can write, bring back memories of u in sec 9. haha. anyway i think i wrote a comment about it on ur facebook but cant help but to be drawn to ur blog and give myself a peace of mind. lol.

i think this whole issue brings about a peculiar fact that is ever so Malaysian – the issue is read in different ways.

to malay-majority shah alam dwellers, it must've seen such a natural thing to do as most of us rarely have to deal with anyone who drinks. Most ppl there wouldn’t get too annoyed, in fact maybe even happy. and i noticed that ppl (malays) in shah alam often draw conclusions like "its been sensationalised".

malaysiakini-reading, RPK-obsessed urbanites however, often hold a more liberal, possibly more western view, although only few come out from a more enlightened perspective. very very few of them reside outside shah alam, they see it as an encroachment to non-Muslim's rights. I have a feeling the non-malays see it as another act of Muslim oppression and I wouldn’t disagree too much.

Truth lies somewhere in the middle as usual. Not a single media bothered to analyse the demographics or popular opinions in shah alam. I mean this is a city where its core values are definitely Malay and Muslim. If you remember Afif, our Chinese and Indian friends in Sec 9 are amazingly sympathetic to Muslim culture.

But as usual you never get the truth from the papers. Even from Malaysiakini, I’ll warn everyone now. All they knew was editorial deadline is to be made and sensational titles are a must. As for the people, we were just left to take in the confusion. The issue of alcohol in shah alam bears in it several layers, but it was presented as a one-dimensional title – “alcohol banned”.

This whole thing just boils down to one – democracy. Malaysians (including me!) are insanely unaware that democracy goes way way beyond ballot box. Decisions in our country are made by the ruling elite (both BN and Pakatan) who are most of the time are out of touch with rakyat.

Decisions must be made by taking it to the masses. Let discussions ensue and I’ll bet you a million ringgit, issues like “alcohol in shah alam” would be crystal-clear. Everyone should know what’s happening and why such thing is an issue in the first place. Let everyone, regardless of political/racial/cultural/etc background talk about it out in the open. And then hold a referendum. Anything that comes out of that would bear legitimacy.

I think we should try and learn from other countries and see how they’re doing it. Countries like Ireland and the Scandinavian ones are moving towards that (although they’re not without flaws). The power has been devolved slowly to the hands of the voters. We definitely need to do the same.

So basically: Democracy, democracy, democracy and don’t ever vote for BN.

p/s: get rid of the pop-up comment! susah. hahha.

afif berkata...

Salam Usman and Ihsan,

Thank you for the informative comment and well analyzed comment, or should i say an article...=)

Media and blogs as usual would like to sensationalized the issue to maximize hits that they would get on their site. That's their job. It is us who need to analyze and judge what been presented to us...

I absolutely agree with you that democracy is beyond ballot box. It is time to empower the people..

Keep on writing and looking forward to future comments...